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Woman Entrepreneurship Making A Difference In Rebuild Society

A time was there when women were not even allowed to go outside. But nowadays women can beat discrimination and can do all the things which a man or a group of men use to do.

Definition of Women Entrepreneurship

It is defined as a process in which a woman or a group of women initiate a business with proper startups, accumulate all resources, undertake risks, helps in generating employment to the general mass, face challenges, and take crucial business decisions independently. There is an estimation of around 1/3 entrepreneurs of the global entrepreneurs are women. So now woman and business go side by side.

Women’s Crucial Role in managing household expenses

Per statistical data, almost 80% of the household expenses are met by the women themselves. This data shows that women are robust decision-makers, and economically they are worthy. Eventually, it becomes a piece of strong evidence, where women could be considered as strategic entrepreneurs. In other words, women could be considered as ‘SHE ECONOMY.’

First Business Woman

Before going deep into the subject matter, I like to state a statement on the first business woman.

Sarah Breedlove was the first woman entrepreneur in the world. Her other name is Madam C. J. Walker. She was also known for being an American-African woman entrepreneur. She was a social and political activist. She was also a philanthropist. She had won the name and fame of being the most wealthy and self–made American – African woman entrepreneur. She was born in 1867 and died in the year 1919. Within her lifetime, she founded her own business- C. J. Manufacturing company. She had attained success in the manufacturing and marketing a line of products, which includes hair care and enormous cosmetics products. The most remarkable thing is that even she was born to a village living family in Louisiana. Later on, she made her journey towards the north only to develop and flourish her business empire.

The new era of woman entrepreneurship

It is very exciting and thrilling to know that in the United States, the number of female business owners has shown an increase of 74% in the last 20 years. Moreover, the trend is in the increasing direction. At present, a lot of thanks to their independence financially, they are also thriving more to maintain a healthy professional life and family life balance. That means they can do well in their own business and are best in their families also. Also, it is widely believed that most of the ladies’ businesses perform twice than that of a business owned by a male. Women are so optimistic about owning a business. They say of getting an opportunity than meeting risks. And just the opposite happens in the case of male business owners. So, in consideration of all these points, women entrepreneurs are growing at a faster pace than it is expected.

How people thing about women and business?

Most of people even in old time think that women cannot be successful business. But with changing time, people thinking also get change. Now men also think women can also do better than them. That why they try to support them in getting success so that they can also make success story in this society.

Women success in ancient times as entrepreneurs

The women, as the better half of men, act as a crucial role in supporting their husbands in finance, morals, and many more. Women are largely remarked for their better conservation of resources, used in the household such as electricity, cooking gas, etc. The women entrepreneurship did not start in recent years, but it had started as early as the 17th century onwards.

Women have been carrying their trades in trades of wider varieties. From ironmasters to merchants to even dressmakers. These women in the olden days, left no stones unturned like breaking the ceiling glass or climbing on a steep slope, to get their work done.  There are many stories linked with woman success in ancient time, which one can read online.

How are Woman Entrepreneurs making a difference?

When entrepreneurship comes into the picture, there is the statement in an already published report that women tend to fall after wealthy and vast business owner men. It is generally accepted that only a man will handle a business, and a woman will not be able to. But various statistical data about women business owners- their success and abilities have been so eye-opening nowadays. When a woman initiates a business, it becomes very overwhelming, and at the same time, it becomes challenging for her to survive. But later on, due to her skills. She can tackle or the hurdles in the smooth running of her business. They are some eye changing facts, where a woman business owner makes a drastic difference in the socio-economic environment.

  • The women business owners are more socialistic than mere becoming money-oriented. An example is as the case of Jessica Jackley. She has loaned around $100 MILLION to the small business owners worldwide. The result was that she was able to do social justice in terms of a good lifestyle of thousands of people.

  • The next example is a Chinese journalist named- Yang Lan. Sun Media is a Chinese company that was founded by her. She was also the lady who rolled her as the brand ambassador of UNICEF in China. Later on, she and her husband donated half of their shares in Sun Media to create a foundation named Sun Media foundation. The foundation was an organization of non – profit. It was aimed at improving the quality of education of the local students and also to propagate the development of philanthropies inside China.

  • Another famous lady business owner – Kameia Sidiqi, was from Afghanistan and was the founder of Kaweyan Business Development Services. She initiated a tailoring business, at the time when Afghanistan was under the Taliban rule. So under severe suppressions and dangerous situations, she was able to carry on her business. And she attained success; she is on the way of helping other Afghan ladies set up their garment factories. In her free time, she travels to several places in her area to teach the youngsters and start their own business.
  • Being a wealthy lady and a billionaire, Tory Burch is having her line of business in articles like – accessories, clothing, boutiques, fragrances, and more. She has also set up a foundation named the Tory Burch Foundation. Tory Burch Foundation aimed at micro-financing and empowering the women in her vicinity, to set up their own business.

There are many more examples of women business owner, who has made a great difference.

Now, I will pick up some stories of successful women business owners:

  • Eliza Lucas Pinckney: Eliza Lucas Pinckney was born in West Indies, went to London for studies, and eventually, her family moved on to the US. Her father had some plantations which were meant for the textile industry. At the age of 16, she managed the whole business of her father and was duly successful. Moreover, in 1989, her success in business led her to the hall of fame.
  • Mary Katherine Goddard: She was well known for being a publisher for her first book- Declaration of Independence. She remained as a bookseller and publisher, till her death in 1816.

Many more names are still in the gallery, but due to space constraints, unable to lay down the names of more.

Conclusion:  So society is changing and women also play important role in business. One can find huge examples where women get success in business without any support.

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