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Kusum , Jalandhar On Her ‘Daring Act’

“My father travailed to purchase it, and it was priceless”, Jalandhar girl who fought mobile snatchers said. “I didn’t feel scared because I know Taekwondo.

Kusum Kumari, a 15-year-old, Jalandhar girl, while coming back home from her tuition on Sunday around 2 pm had to fight for a smartphone bought by her father for ongoing online classes for the school students. Two bikers came from behind and tried to seize the mobile from her. Kusum Jalandhar ran behind them fearlessly and managed to grab the snatcher and dragged him off his bike with his t-shirt. She said I was afraid, but she worried she wouldn’t be able to attend her classes online if they ran away.

During this incident, she was badly injured, as the snatchers attacked her wrist. Jalandhar BJP leader Manoranjana Kalia interacted with Kusum Jalandhar at the hospital. Her family is already facing difficult times during the COVID-19 outbreak. Being a wager, her father bought a smartphone on installments and wants her daughter to study. She said, “I have to make him proud to become an IAS officer, one day.” Hence the teenager desperately fought for her dreams.

Snatchers Are In Custody Now

Courage is constantly resisting the trouble without giving up and a 15-year-old, Kusum Kumari, a resident of Jalandhar, exemplified just that. She said, “I wanted to make them realize that no one can defeat girls so easily, want to show them strength of girls”. She ran behind them and didn’t give up even when she was attacked with a sharp-edged weapon. Taking about her self-defense she said “I have been practicing Taekwondo for last three months, so that helped me”.

Avinash Kumar, one of the two snatchers is arrested by Jalandhar’s station house officer. Avinash is charged with sections 379-B and 307 of the Indian Penal Code.

Kusum Receiving Ample Of Appreciation

For the meantime, Kusum Jalandhar is getting free treatment at a private hospital. Native politicians and leaders are making a beeline to meet the brave young girl. After the report, the communicator received many calls to help her and appreciated her bravery act. People also offered her cell phones and laptops. She smiles and said “I just want to focus on my studies and NCC.

Kusum’s father, Sadhu Ram, said he had received near Rs. 55,000 from Good Samaritans and still getting several calls. To buoy up Kusum Kamari’s act of bravery the local administration is recommending her name for the state as well as national bravery awards and also planning to make a mascot in the name of Kusum under the “Beti Padhao Beti Bachao campaign”, in Jalandhar, to inspire other young girls.

Kusum Jalandhar, Made Us Proud: DC

Her courage captured in CCTV videos gives goose bumps. Her valor is right to be applauded as she didn’t let fear take over. DC Ghanshyam Thori said Kusum has made Jalandhar proud and she had become a role model and inspiration to others.

Whenever a woman stands up for herself, with all the willpower and confidence, without claiming it, she stands up for all womankind. Kudos to this brave heart!

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