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Lockdown is A Disaster For Women Fond of Eating But Hate Cooking

Every people love to eat. But it can be a headache to think you have to cook for that. Are you that kind of a woman? Then you are probably facing a dilemma in this ongoing lockdown? All are missing the delicious and finger-licking junk foods. But you are just being lazy to get the white sauce pasta cooking done into the kitchen.

If by chance, you belong to the generation of womenera living in the year of 2020 in India, and you are expected to lead a 19th century traditional and boring lifestyles, things take a turn to worse. For your only problem is not the hankering for tasty food. Some relatives who got no better jobs to do and they nag you constantly to know if you have finally learned to do the cooking. So, almost all young women who dislike cooking are trapped in the home due to coronavirus with restricted choices, annoying relatives and the huge pressure to get those chapattis round.

A survey was conducted where such women were asked how this lockdown made them go into the kitchen and dealing with the necessity of eating what they have cooked.

The excuse of “tired of cooking” is gone

A software engineer who is 23-years old, Nikita from Noida has explained how it was so much easier for her to bunk the kitchen responsibilities when she had to go to her office daily. She always had the “I am too tired” excuse up her sleeves. In the present condition and the availability of work from home, every day her mother and she argued almost like a routine twice a day regarding why Nikita does not prefer cooking. She, however, learned to make dal. But the more she cooks, the more she comes to despise it. The only reason she does the cooking is due to the reason that she does not want her mother doing all the household chores alone.

The condition between basketball and cooking

A Bhopal resident studying in Delhi University, 18-years old Roli Rajpali was her school’s all-rounder. However, cooking is a subject which she never concerned herself with when she was studying in her school. She claimed that she was very active since she was a kid. She is a professional classical dancer and the school’s basketball team’s captain. Even in college, she participates in several activities. But when the matter of household comes to focus, she simply hates cooking. She cannot endure to stand in the kitchen and do the cooking. Her mother provided her good parenting and she understands her. But it is the relatives that get on Roli’s nerves. According to them, she can never be an “ideal woman” unless she learns to cook.

She further states that she had too many relatives during this time of coronavirus lockdown who was telling her mother it is a part of correct parenting to teach a girl child how to cook during the free time. She retaliates back by saying she will only learn to cook if they learn to play basketball. Few of them did not call anymore. Although her mother told her that it was a disrespectful act but Roli claims it was worth it.

Too much cooking

A teacher from the region of Meerut, Leena Agarwal directly states that she despises cooking. Even before her marriage was done, she made this particular fact extremely clear to her husband. He does not seem to have any issues with that. They always had a home maid. But during this lockdown stage, they have to do everything by themselves. She has to cook daily thrice and she finds this very stressful and a hassle.


Cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea. But to fight some tough situation such as this, it is a responsibility of the womenera society to learn basic skills which are required for survival purposes apart from work from home.

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